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What my clients say...


Candace W - Buyer

Just received good word on another humongous step in the home buying process! We are on pace towards owning our very first home! It could not be accomplished without the guidance and support from Ana! She is amazing and is surrounded by the very best!


Sam & Yesenia M - Buyer

I have no words to express how grateful we are to have Anamaría in our lives. From the moment I got the first phone call many years ago, I could have never imagined that she was going to be the best realtor and friend we could ever need or want. This is the fourth time she helped us with home transactions and again, highly exceeded my expectations. It's funny how she always slowed me down before committing to spending more money than I need to. I trust her with anything because that is the kind of person she is, she is honest and will tell you the truth when you need it. She became our realtor for life but more importantly, she became part of the family. Thank you Anamaría and I just wish your company the best. Maybe the next time I call you, your company goes national. Why not.


Elise C - Buyer

Ana helped us purchase our first condo! She made the entire process so easy for us as first-time home buyers, especially since we were new to Oahu. Ana is patient, thorough, willing, and eager to go the extra mile for her clients. Even in a competitive market like Hawaii, she always encouraged us that the right place is out there and we ended up buying a place that was even better than we could have imagined. Definitely recommend!


Buyer - Kailua

I was referred to Ana-Maria Contis Steers by a colleague who had had an excellent experience with her as his real estate agent in the sale of his house. I couldn’t have been happier! Ana Maria understood exactly what kind of house I was hoping to find and showed me several appropriate houses until we found the perfect one for me. The price she negotiated with the seller was better than I ever expected!
This was a challenging situation because I was buying a house with a daughter who lives in Thailand. We had to coordinate the negotiations and execution of documents with a seven hour time difference. Ana-Maria was instrumental in getting answers in a timely manner especially when my daughter was at the embassy and needed answers right away. She was able to use technology and connect the parties involved.
I didn’t know where to start with securing a mortgage and she referred me to a wonderful mortgage broker who worked with me to obtain the lowest interest rate available. I was able to complete the purchase in a timely and stress-free manner with Ana-Maria and the lender working together to get it done. Ana Maria answered my daily phone calls and texts, no matter what time of day, and answered all my questions or researched the answers if she was unsure. I could always trust her to give me correct information and advice.
Ana-Maria Contis Steers Is an experienced professional who goes above and beyond to provide the excellent service one would only hope to find in a real estate agent.


Katie K - Buyer - Kailua

We really appreciate Ana for her professionalism and expertise when helping us buy our house. She made each step seem easy, in a very complicated process. Her recommendations were astute and her guidance was spot on. She has also continued to answer questions and help with minor details, even after the transaction has gone through. We cannot recommend her highly enough.


Palma T - Buyer

I honestly don’t have any negative to say about Ana she has always been there to answer ANY questions we had during and after our house purchase. She always thought about us and what was best for us as first time home buyers and i truly appreciate her because she always gave us the best advice when making decisions about our purchase. Even months after our purchase was complete we still had questions and she was there for us to guide us! Never have I heard or any agent that has gone above and beyond for her clients even months after the purchase was completed. I’m just grateful to have met her. As a client and writing this review all I have to say is to give her an opportunity ask her ALL the questions/concerns you have without any obligations I promise she has the best interest for her clients. She’s a beast when it comes to negotiations! She is very knowledgeable on her field and knows what’s best for her clients.


Buyer - Honolulu

Ana is amazing! Being a first time homebuyer can be scary, but Ana educated and supported us each step of the way. Having only lived in Honolulu for less than 6 months, she helped us pick an area that fit our lifestyle and needs. Once we fell in love with a place, she sprang into action quickly and she was in constant communication with us each step of the way. The housing market in Oahu is competitive, but with Ana’s help, we were able to purchase an amazing condo in a perfect location for us.


John & Tracy - Buyer

My husband & I have dreamed of getting a home but thought that it just wasn't the time. We care for my mother who has many memory and heart issues and we need so many specifics to be in place that we thought it best to just stay put. When we made the decision to move with mom and to have faith, Ana-Maria was right there for me as not only as a friend but a concerned agent with only our concerns in mind. She asks important questions (answer all of them you will be glad you did!) that she then reviews and makes sure she puts together the right team that fits "our" needs. She recommended only the most thorough lender and I could not help but to use them. While looking for a house for our very first time my husband and I had many goals and pipe dreams and even-though sometimes unrealistic (we see now) Ana-Maria's and her team allowed us the opportunity to see each through so we would know in the end what would be perfect for us. With each crazy emotional moment Ana-Maria was able to educate us in detail and walk us through so we could better understand processes, procedures and even strategy. It is key to have the proper support both emotionally and professionally and she was "Spot ON" each and every step of the way. Her background lends to her excellent expertise. Ana-Maria's willingness to deal with whatever we threw her way was impressive to say the least. In the end we found something very special that was the perfect fit for our whole family. We receive our keys today at 11am and I will be filled with gratitude that I had the opportunity to have used Ana-Maria and her team to find my husband and I our forever home! NOTE: In the process "believe and be patient" Your house is out there and its just waiting for you to add your love! Ours was!
John & Tracey Cribbs


Buyer - San Diego

People always say that it's stressful buying a house. Well, my experience must have been a miracle because it was so easy, thanks in large part to Ana. From the beginning she kept us focused on our desired location and budget. Once we were ready to bid on a house she was quick to get the offer in. San Diego has a very competitive housing market, however, and there were times when we wanted to give up. Ana kept our spirits up and made sure we never stopped looking. It came to the point where we ended up bidding on a home, site unseen. Ana put in the offer and it was the first one in. She even wrote a letter telling the homeowner about us. Perhaps it was just fate (although I like to think Ana's persistence had something to do with it), we got the house! Going through escrow was quick and easy. Ana was responsive, gave us precise instructions on what we needed to do for our part of the transaction, and was extremely timely. I hear horror stories all the time from friends who say documents were late or missing, or they didn't know what was going on. My experience, however, was the exact opposite. Ana was in constant communication and on top of everything, no stone left unturned. I recommend Ana to my friends all the time when they are looking to buy or sell their home. She is one of the most knowledgeable, efficient, and savvy realtors I have ever met and worked with.


Buyer - Murietta

Ana is just amazing! Not only is she a Realtor, but she is also a military spouse. For all those in the military community, Ana truly understands the unique intricacies and obstacles that we face (BAH, deployments, constant moving etc..). So for those in the military, Ana is very knowledgeable and experienced from both fronts - military servicemembers and their benefits AND from a spouse's perspective.

From the very first time I met and spoke with Ana, she expressed this genuine vibe of wanting to make MY goal and desires of owning our very first home come to fruition. At first thought, I was so anxious of exposing my flaws (credit score, spending habits, my constant questioning tendencies), but Ana is such a professional that she made me feel so comfortable that any issues that arise can ALWAYS be tackled. Throughout the process, Ana always took the time to explain it to me. NUMEROUS TIMES. You see for me, I always ask questions, even the same questions again and again; yet Ana never got impatient. That is what I really cherish in working with Ana, she always allowed me to set the pace and the template. I remember I asked her that I may need someone to hold my hand through this process; and she did.

Ana also has a very excellent network and team of individuals and organizations that she works with. From the lenders, partner realtors (I bought a home in a different state), and inspectors; Ana is well represented in both Hawaii and California. This makes the process so much easier because when I fully put my trust in Ana, she puts individuals in places where their best and honest work is the result.

Ana is generous, understanding, and so optimistic. I know that she heard it in my voice when our first offer was not taken. She validated it, then in the next sentence she says "lets go, next one". This motivated me when I felt so down and beaten. She also has this "no nonsense, tell you exactly how it is, no beating around the bush" attitude. This is what I love about her; there is no room for miscommunication/misinterpretation because from step one to transaction closing - Ana is there. Explaining. Fighting for you.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ana for your homebuying needs; From Hawaii to California - she is the number one. I am blessed to say that in this home buying process of mine, Ana has also become a dear friend and military spouse connection - for life.


Scott C - Buyer

Ana-Maria helped my wife and I with our first home buying experince. We were nervous getting started because everyone we talked to said it was a very stressfull process. Ana made home buying awesome. The most stressful part of the experince was actually looking at homes, and even that was fun. I can't thank Ana enough for the help she has given us. She is very pleasant, professional, open to communication, and has her clients best intrest at heart. I will refer to everyone I know that is interested in buying a home so they have the same enjoyable experince my family had.


Nicole M - Buyer

I met Ana in 2014 at a vendor event. Our booths were next to each other so we talked often in between customers. We realized very quickly that we had a lot in common (both being military wives) and at the end of the evening, we exchanged contact info to keep in touch. Ana was so friendly and kind and I left that evening feeling like I had known her for years. While my husband was deployed the following year, he and I decided to put our house on the market because we were both tired of commuting and we hoped it would sell before he returned home. Our realtor at the time wasn't very helpful and I was quickly overwhelmed by everything. Ana, as my friend at this point, answered all my questions, explained everything I needed know, and gave me the encouraging pep talk that I needed to hear that I immediately asked her to take over and help me sell the house. Within a couple of weeks, Ana helped me reorganize the house and box up anything that wasn't being used on a daily basis in order to get the house staged and ready to go for pictures and showings. With my husband on deployment and me at home with a 1- and 5 year old, there was no way that I could've sold the house without her help. Ana is a godsend. She helped me in ways that a realtor normally wouldn't. Ana went above and beyond to make sure the entire process went smoothly for me, and it did! The house wasn't even on the market for 2 full days before we received a cash offer and then closed in less than a month. What a positive experience I had!!

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