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Tropical Beach

Buyer - Murietta

Ana is just amazing! Not only is she a Realtor, but she is also a military spouse. For all those in the military community, Ana truly understands the unique intricacies and obstacles that we face (BAH, deployments, constant moving etc..). So for those in the military, Ana is very knowledgeable and experienced from both fronts - military servicemembers and their benefits AND from a spouse's perspective.

From the very first time I met and spoke with Ana, she expressed this genuine vibe of wanting to make MY goal and desires of owning our very first home come to fruition. At first thought, I was so anxious of exposing my flaws (credit score, spending habits, my constant questioning tendencies), but Ana is such a professional that she made me feel so comfortable that any issues that arise can ALWAYS be tackled. Throughout the process, Ana always took the time to explain it to me. NUMEROUS TIMES. You see for me, I always ask questions, even the same questions again and again; yet Ana never got impatient. That is what I really cherish in working with Ana, she always allowed me to set the pace and the template. I remember I asked her that I may need someone to hold my hand through this process; and she did.

Ana also has a very excellent network and team of individuals and organizations that she works with. From the lenders, partner realtors (I bought a home in a different state), and inspectors; Ana is well represented in both Hawaii and California. This makes the process so much easier because when I fully put my trust in Ana, she puts individuals in places where their best and honest work is the result.

Ana is generous, understanding, and so optimistic. I know that she heard it in my voice when our first offer was not taken. She validated it, then in the next sentence she says "lets go, next one". This motivated me when I felt so down and beaten. She also has this "no nonsense, tell you exactly how it is, no beating around the bush" attitude. This is what I love about her; there is no room for miscommunication/misinterpretation because from step one to transaction closing - Ana is there. Explaining. Fighting for you.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ana for your homebuying needs; From Hawaii to California - she is the number one. I am blessed to say that in this home buying process of mine, Ana has also become a dear friend and military spouse connection - for life.

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