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USAHomebids is a Hybrid between real estate auctions and traditional real estate. We took the best features from real estate auctions and traditional real estate and created a process that works better than many other selling methods in any market condition. The USAHomebids method of selling real estate gives buyers and sellers more options when buying or selling real estate.

With the USAhomebids option, the buyer's agent real estate commission can be paid by the seller, the buyer or both. The buyer’s side of the commission is included in the “Buyer’s Premium”. (Highest Bid + Buyer’s Premium = Sales Price). This translates into a more simplified loan process and more buyers who qualify to purchase the homes listed on the platform. 

When using USAhomebids

  • Sellers reserve the right to accept, negotiate or reject any bids.

  • Highest bid and bid history transparent. (displayed on the website at all times)

  • No long-term listing contracts

  • Bidding process conducted online only

  • Buyers approved for bidding manually by the seller’s agent, or instant buyer approval online by credit card.

  • No upfront fees required from seller

Once the bidding ends, the highest bidder has 24 hours to submit the offer using a standard Purchase Agreement form to include the rest of the conditions. Once the offer is accepted by the seller, buyer goes into escrow with all buyers’ contingencies and inspection time frames in accordance with the purchase contract specific for the State where the property is located.


The property will be available for viewing only at the open house dates (unless agreed otherwise).

This is a cutting edge Real Estate technology with full Broker representation and professional marketing specialists. This offers you the most advanced and efficient method of selling Real Estate. Sellers will be able to watch the entire process on their computer, from the comfort of their home or office. Sellers have total control and there is no risk involved because the seller reserves the right to accept, negotiate or reject any bids.


The whole process is transparent and convenient for sellers and buyers. Why getting bound by 6 months or longer listing agreements, when homebids delivers in 15 days or less in most cases? Choose a method that gives results. Think outside the box. Technology is changing very rapidly the real estate industry. Let our advanced technology, online marketing campaigns, and the human touch of a real estate broker sell your property in record time.

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AnaMaria Contis Steers Oahu Realtor San Diego Realtor

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